Retailer Type: 

  • Restaurant

Ultimate Offerings: 

  • Pints and Quarts


51 Merrimon Ave
28801 Asheville , NC
North Carolina

We combined efforts together  to make sure Asheville will still have this service available moving foward. Asheville Munchies and Asheville Latenite Munchiezzz are now ONE!!! We deliver Smokes, Snacks, Drinks, Fast Food and Restaurant Meals, Tuesday though Saturday. We open at 8pm and take orders all the way until 2am. Our current Restaurants include 51 Grill and Pizzeria, and the Social Bar and Grill. Our Fast Food roster includes Bojangles, Cookout, Taco Bell and Mc Donalds. We also deliver many convenience store items such as Smokes, Ice Cream, Soda, Chips and more. We have over 375 items available for delivery in our convenience store.If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email or call during business hours.