Retailer Type: 

  • Restaurant

Ultimate Offerings: 

  • Ice Cream
  • Sorbet


Phone: 8286847470

After more than ten years in the catering business, cooking all sorts of food for all sorts of people and all sorts of  events, we have developed a few “signature” dishes.  These are dishes that we make particularly well and that represent us both as people and as cooks.  Some are fancy, some are not. Some are complicated and laborious, some are as simple as sliced bread. Some are family recipes, and some are true originals. Many include one of our handmade sauces or spreads. All of these items have their roots in our shared southern up-bringing. Whether it be the regionality of the ingredients or the stereotypical southern-ness of the item in its entirety, each of these foods is something we love to make, love to serve and love to eat! And each has the  inherit qualities of true southern eating…Comfortable, handmade goodness.