Owner, Master Flavor Creator and Giver of Great Hugs

What do you do at Ultimate? : 

Create Flavors and Everything else!

What are your "Ultimate Desires"?: 

To create a work environment that honors and empowers the individual employee as we work towards the goal of creating and distributing the best ice cream in the south east!

Favorite Quote: 

“Manifest your ultimate desires"

Favorite Flavors: 

Black Mocha Stout- An Ice Cream made with the beer of the same name and Fire Sorbet made with Buchi’s Fire Kombucha

If you could create a flavor what would it be?: 

I have created over 200 flavors!

What the best part about working for Ultimate? : 

The community of staff and Ice Cream Lovers!

What positive change would you like to see in the world?: 

“World Peace” He said while twirling a baton