Kevin and Lucia’s paths crossed while working as local social workers in Asheville North Carolina.  Immediately we recognized each other as kindred souls.  As our lives and journey unfolded, we enjoyed experimenting with various cuisines while cooking for our three boys. We have always enjoyed good food made with quality ingredients  and wanted to share this passion with our children.  Life continued on as it has a way of doing, at times we found our careers fufilling and other times it was complete drudgery. Then, in the middle of a career crossroads we tossed around the idea of finding alternative ways to make a living. We craved a greater work-life balance so we could enjoy raising our children together. We tossed around many ideas, including many food based ideas. So we did the next logical step, we bought an ice cream shop!  

There were lots of challenges, long days, late nights and doubts as to whether or not we made the right choice.  As we perfected our ice cream, we attended countless festivals and events to spread the word. Over time we began to develop a loyal customer base and build a great crew.  We were able to open an additional location with great success and focus on the next evolutionary leaps Ultimate would take.

“We joke” laughs Lucia, “we found social work of a different kind.  We count our crew as extended family and we have been able to do many charitable donations over the years including a flavor of the month program. “

Recently, continuing our adventure has manifest in opening a new Asheville based production facility, or  “Ice Cream Factory” as some locals lovingly announce  it.... With this major upgrade, the pure, fresh and sophisticated taste of Ultimate Ice Cream arriving at your grocer's freezer section is fast approaching the realm of possible!

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