Strawberry Big Chip Little Chip Benefiting Girls on The Run of WNC

Ultimate Ice Cream is proudly supporting Girls on the Run of Western North Carolina with Strawberry Big Chip Little Chip during the month of May! We are so excited to be celebrating this awesome organization with our Flavor of the Month Program! Visit stores during May to enjoy Strawberry Big Chip Little Chip- Our Fresh Strawberry with Big and Little chocolate chips!

To read more about Girls on The Run of WNC click the link below

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Peppermint Stick!

As we herald in the Holiday season, we are honored to celebrate some sweet children of our area by supporting the Christmas Is For Kids event. Christmas Is For Kids was started by Tammy Jones of Mix 96.5, who grew up in a Foster Home from the age of 10. Out of her experience, and the gratitude and memory of her first Christmas with her foster family, she was inspired to create Christmas Is For Kids. Ultimate has happily participated every year, scooping ice cream for loads of area children who are currently living in foster care, group homes, or domestic violence shelters.


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Ambrosia of the Gods!

As November finally brings the temperatures and weather of Autumn, we celebrate Eternal Youth/Warmth with this month's luscious Ambrosia of the Gods. Tropical notes of Pineapple and Citrus flood the Ice Cream  that is flecked with chewy flakes of Coconut. Ambrosia of the Gods was created in honor of this month's recipient non-profit organization, Attic Salt Theatre Company. Attic Salt presents both mainstage and family theater productions throughout the year. They also work in schools through residency programs, bringing writing and creativity to area youth.

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Each year here at Ultimate Ice Cream Company, October brings the return of a beloved Flavor of the Month, Choco-Latte, a rich dark blend of Chocolate and Coffee that is sure to satisfy. Choco-Latte supports the community outreach arts education program of LEAF (the Lake Eden Arts Festival), LEAF Schools & Streets.

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Salted Caramel with an Apple Butter Swirl!

We celebrate the arrival of Autumn with warming spices of Local Apple Butter from Imladris Farms in September's Flavor of the Month, 
Salted Caramel + Apple Butter Swirl.
This yummy delight benefits Green Opportunities' Kitchen Ready training program. What a perfect pair!

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Hadaya Spiced Honey Walnut

Ultimate Ice Cream is honored to partner with HADAYA Toys for our Flavor of the Month program this August. Our crafty Spinners, Alexis and Kim, have created a delicate yet luscious flavor inspired by the delicious Habibi Baklava, which is made by one of Hadaya's co-founders. All profits from the sale of the baklava benefit the projects of Hadaya Toys. Read on to learn about Hadaya Toys and its mission, or visit their website

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Sun Tea Sorbet!

Cool down from the hot summer days with our delicious and refreshing Sun Tea Sorbet, July's Flavor of the Month benefitting The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.  SACE has been around for 30 years, promoting transitions to clean and safe forms of energy, readily available wind and solar. To honor the hard work that SACE does for the benefit of us all, and the wondrous power of the sun, our Spinners have created this luscious sorbet. They harnessed solar energy in a delicously simple way. They made Sun Tea!

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Banana Pudding!

Summer is here and what flavor screams summer and picnics and YUM-O but Banana Pudding?! June and Banana Pudding are an old tradition for us here at Ultimate Ice Cream, as each year we dedicate June to the support of MANNA FoodBank and its wonderful mission: "Involving, educating, and uniting people in the work to end hunger in Western North Carolina."

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Goat Cheese with Fresh Lemon Zest!

As the May sun shines on our region, the vibrancy of life is intoxicating with the blooming flowers, the greening of grass and trees. 
In these brightening days, 
we at Ultimate Ice Cream Company honor the brilliant light of 
Western North Carolina AIDS Project​. 
We chose the bright and fresh 
Goat Cheese with Fresh Lemon Zest 
as the Flavor to support WNCAP in their service of our Community. 

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Black Tie

Can you feel it, that Spring is in the air?

Birds are singing, the music of rain showers fills our ears, heralding the renewal of life. Even the flowers are singing to us that Spring is here.

Echoing the myriad songs surrounding us this season, Ultimate Ice Cream celebrates the awakening, and soothing, of the human soul through the gift of song, specifically the singers of the song.
Black Tie, 
our luscious & pure 
Ultimate Sweet Cream
*Dressed to the Nines* in Fine Flakes of Dark Chocolate. 

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