As November finally brings the temperatures and weather of Autumn, we celebrate Eternal Youth/Warmth with this month's luscious Ambrosia of the Gods. Tropical notes of Pineapple and Citrus flood the Ice Cream  that is flecked with chewy flakes of Coconut. Ambrosia of the Gods was created in honor of this month's recipient non-profit organization, Attic Salt Theatre Company. Attic Salt presents both mainstage and family theater productions throughout the year. They also work in schools through residency programs, bringing writing and creativity to area youth. This month's family theater production is Echo, Narcissus, Icarus, and Friends: Greek Myths (which inspired the Flavor itself). You can see it each Saturday morning at 10:00 at Magnetic 375 in the River Arts District. Attic Salt's mainstage production, How I Learned To Drive, runs November 4-20th at 35below in Downtown Asheville. For more information, visit the company's website:

Ultimate is excited to work with Attic Salt throughout November. We look forward to serving you a taste of the food of the Gods!