As the May sun shines on our region, the vibrancy of life is intoxicating with the blooming flowers, the greening of grass and trees. 
In these brightening days, 
we at Ultimate Ice Cream Company honor the brilliant light of 
Western North Carolina AIDS Project​. 
We chose the bright and fresh 
Goat Cheese with Fresh Lemon Zest 
as the Flavor to support WNCAP in their service of our Community. 
WNCAP has been a shining light in Western North Carolina since 1986,  its founders having helped provide food, comfort and care to people with AIDS for several years prior to that. We are grateful to have such a dedicated non-profit working in our region to improve the lives and care of those living with HIV/AIDS and to reduce the spread of the infection through education and advocacy. 
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Thank you, WNCAP!

Ultimate Ice Cream Company is honored to dedicate May's golden Flavor of the Month to the hard work and diligence of The Western North Carolina AIDS Project.

The Western North Carolina AIDS Project is dedicated to preventing new cases of HIV/AIDS and promoting self-sufficiency in people living with HIV.  WNCAP provides HIV-related client support, prevention, education and advocacy activities guided by the belief that all people are entitled to equal access to health care and disease prevention.

Please visit the WNCAP website: for more information.


The Western North Carolina AIDS Project began formally in 1986 in response to the needs of the community in the early years of the AIDS epidemic. The founders had been helping provide food, comfort and care to people with AIDS for several years prior to the creation of the non-profit. Initially WNCAP was focused on people in Buncombe County but was open to helping anyone in need across the region.

In the 1990s, WNCAP developed prevention programming and a case management program. Gradually its service area expanded to include 18 counties in western North Carolina.