UlHere at Ultimate Ice Cream Company, we are kicking off our Giving in 2016 with a delicious flavor supporting an incredible organization. Our luscious Lemon Custard will benefit The Downtown Welcome Table, a program that offers a weekly meal and fellowship, along with other services, to anyone who arrives for the Wednesday Lunch. No one is denied service. Everyone is Welcome. "Never intending to be a soup kitchen or feeding line, we want our meal to be a crossroads of diverse community, a gathering of disparate folks, a fork and spoon invitation to prince and pauper alike. People who might not otherwise come to know each other develop a friendship over a shared meal. Cloth napkins, flowers on the table, and china plates send the message 'you deserve the very best' and are meant to counter the notion often held by those living on the streets that handouts, hand-me-downs and leftovers are all I deserve." The Downtown Welcome Table has been in existence since 2009, started by Rev. Brian Combs of The Haywood Street Congregation. In 2013, Rev. Combs began asking help from Asheville's wonderful restaurant community, wanting to offer delicious restaurant-level meals to the friends attending the meals on Wednesdays. Liz Button, co-owner of Curate, began managing the collaboration between the Downtown Welcome Table and area restaurants. Each week a different restaurant sponsors the meal, preparing and serving it with participants at the DWT. 

Ultimate Ice Cream Company is proud to be partnering with Farm Burger and the Downtown Welcome Table to provide a delicious meal, complete with Asheville's best craft-churned, premium ice creams, straight from our Kitchen. We are honored to be able to participate in the Downtown Welcome Table and join our community in supporting one another.