The time has come again. The time of celebrating the light within during the days of darkness, and anticipating the return of the Sun, the Son, the Light. For our December Flavor of the Month, each year we savor the luscious Peppermint Stick and, in doing so, we celebrate the lights within a very special group of children through the efforts of an event called Christmas is for Kids. Christmas is for Kids was started by local radio personality Tammy Jones of Mix 96.5. Her goal was to ensure a memorable and joyful Christmas time for children living in foster homes or shelters. Tammy grew up in foster care herself and has found this way to give to children in our community who are in a similar situation, believing that all children deserve happy memories of this holiday time. Christmas is for Kids throws a big Christmas party for these sweet children, leaning on the help of volunteers and community donations to make it happen. Ultimate Ice Cream Company has participated in Christmas is for Kids for years. What do we do? We show up to the party with our ice cream cart and scoop, and scoop, and scoop! At this party, the kids get to play, eat ice cream, make bears, visit Santa, make crafts, and open presents. It is always a delight to be part of, and witness, the magic of this event. The party was last Saturday, and everyone had a blast. Click on the photo gallery to check out some images from the day.