Cool down from the hot summer days with our delicious and refreshing Sun Tea Sorbet, July's Flavor of the Month benefitting The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.  SACE has been around for 30 years, promoting transitions to clean and safe forms of energy, readily available wind and solar. To honor the hard work that SACE does for the benefit of us all, and the wondrous power of the sun, our Spinners have created this luscious sorbet. They harnessed solar energy in a delicously simple way. They made Sun Tea! This tea was slowly brewed in the summer sun, infusing notes of citrus and hibiscus into a classic black tea, and then was spun into a frozen delight. It is a wonderful way to perk yourself up on these wilting July afternoons. Stop by for some today!

Did you know that there is enough wind energy potential off our NC coast to power the ENTIRE STATE? We were so impressed to hear this, and a little dismayed to recognize that the utility corporations are resistant to making that change. It will take a lot of work to make these transitions, but they are the true solutions for our planet's regeneration and the health of us all. Please visit to learn more and see how easily you can help through petition-signing, etc.

Cheers to Clean Energy!