This is literally the best ice cream I've ever had in my entire life. HANDS DOWN.


YUM! best ice cream in Asheville hands down.

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Delicious, delightful, friendly - what more can we say!?! We stopped by this afternoon and even though we don't live in the area, we'll be back! (If you need recommendations, we had the pumpkin, molasses gingerbread and mud puppy!)


I looooove how they support social justice and compassionate causes. Evergreen charters anti-bullying efforts, We're Not Bashful anti-LGBT violence, civil rights legislation...and on and on...just wonderful people that use their creativity and success to better the world!!


The only thing better than the friendly staff and multiple rare and delicious flavors is the ice cream itself. This stuff truly is ULTIMATE.


Don't let the unassuming exterior keep you from going inside. The ice cream is THE BEST EVER! And the staff is patient and helpful!

Sandra Messer

Hard to choose a flavor. They are all consistently AMAZING. Great people. Great quality ice cream with love in every scoop.

Suzie Marchetti

Ultimate Ice Cream--the name isn't wrong. They really are The Ultimate! I try a new flavour each time and am NEVER disappointed!

MissLady J Love

When I first tried Ultimate Ice Cream back in the day, my comment was that it was the best strawberry ice cream I have tasted in my entire life. Shortly after, I tried the Kahlua Mocha Almond and did not change my flavor for a year. Now I can't decide on a favorite because they are all so quality. You can't go wrong with Ultimate Ice Cream.

Carla Hollar

Cannot beat the ginger ice cream...and (despite doubters) I LOVE the cherry and goat cheese ice cream. So good!

Teresa Earley Luckman

Belgian dark chocolate is the BEST EVER!

Marie Baxter

You know how your staff feels as a result of the mysterious disappearance of so much product throughout the day, but I don't think we could testify, too much bias :)

Luke Jenkins

The ice cream is unbelievably good. Great service and staff. Keep up the good work.

Ben Herring

It is the best ice cream you'll ever eat.

Mary Ellen Moss

Love you guys! So giving. Best ice cream in all of the land!!

Emily A Jenkins

THE BEST ice cream I have ever had, hands down! Wonderful unique flavors that you won't find anywhere else!